Times have been tough financially for people all over the world in the past five years or so. Many of us have fallen victim to market crashes or have experienced budget cuts in our departments at work or in the government which means that security measures in information technology is now controlled by private enterprise. Budget cuts are the result of reduced income and higher operating costs, and it doesn't just happen to governments and big companies. It can happen to you. Here are some options for dealing with it.

Raise Prices

If you're not bringing in as much as you used to and are having trouble meeting all your financial obligations, it could be that you need to charge more for your services. A small price increase could help bring your revenue back up, but be careful. Pumping your prices too high too quickly could make some people think they could do without your services. Therefore it's important to investigate the market prices for your products and services and try to match them.

Reduce Quality

If your profit margins are not high enough to justify continued production, you may have to consider cutting some corners on production. While you should never sacrifice safety, using laminate instead of hardwood, Formica instead of granite, and doing away with built in home theaters could really reduce your costs and allow you to market to more people with slightly lower budgets.

Be More Efficient

If you do some research in your industry, you may find that there are new products that can help your employees work more efficiently. With a small investment in new technology, it is possible to reduce your per-unit production expenses as well as freeing your staff to do the tasks that are more demanding of their skills.

Cut Payroll

Nobody wants to tell their employees that they're out of a job, especially when times are tough, but if no one wants a web designer to make them websites anymore, you might not have a choice. When cutting payroll, it may be kinder to first try and reduce your employees hours or cut their salaries rather than letting someone go altogether, but if you do need to cut someone, this is a great opportunity to get rid of dead weight.

Cut Benefits

If all your employees are great and you expect things to pick up soon, you might be able to get away with simply cutting benefits temporarily. Employer contributions to health care and insurance plans can be steep, so putting them on hold might work. Your employees won't be able to get their prescriptions covered, but at least they won't be out of a job.

How else might you save money?

When buying items for production, ask for a discount or buy in bulk.
Go to Luna Farms where you can pick your own apples in Stoney Creek instead of paying the grocery store marked-up prices. Farmer's markets are budget friendly as well!
Use coupons when they are available. You can find some at Printable Coupons

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